Dimensional Slate Flagstone

Elevate your outdoor living space with Buckingham Slate Dimensional Flagstone. Flagstone’s elegant paver design complements walkways, patio spaces, outdoor kitchen areas, driveways, pools, and more. The dark, rich texture of our Dimensional Slate Flagstone creates a modern aesthetic. Available in 8 different sizes and 2 pattern kits, the exterior design possibilities are near endless.


  • Dimensional Flagstone is cut as square as possible using lasers and diamond blade saws. However, it may not be perfectly square.
  • Minimal bowing may occur in some pieces.

Irregular Slate Flagstone

Our irregular slate flagstone has a unique charm due to each stone’s random, rustic-looking pattern. This flagstone is reminiscent of older times when walkways and outdoor spaces were patched together. The irregular nature of their size, thickness, and texture adds an eye-catching design. Consider all the layout possibilities and character that can be added with these pavers as stepping stones, pathways, or other outdoor spaces.

DISCLAIMER:  Irregular Flagstone & Mosaic Flagstone will vary in sizes/thickness.

Mosaic Slate Flagstone/Dry Stack Wall Stone

Buckingham Slate’s Mosaic Slate Flagstone and Dry Stack Wall Stone offer a unique opportunity to create a truly stunning addition to your property. By stacking stones atop one another, the “dry stack” approach to creating walls and borders adds a rustic charm of a seemingly random yet carefully curated layout. The diversity of each piece is what gives our Mosaic Slate Flagstone and Dry Stack Wall Stone such an interesting and functional landscaping advantage.

Pathway Slate Flagstone

Pathway Slate Flagstone has a natural, charming design that creates interesting layouts for pathways and other exterior projects. These slate flagstones are a wonderful addition to your yard, connecting features of your landscape, like your patio, garden, and other areas, through elegant walkways. Pathway slate flagstones become as much a feature of your landscape as the centerpieces. Because of their irregular cut, the design you create is wholly unique and a reflection of your style and vision.


We provide a range of accessories to complement your selection of slate flagstones. Our accessories add the finishing touches to your landscaping projects, like walls, pathways, and outdoor living spaces. These treads, caps, and steppers are durable, elegant, and as unique as the features you’ve created. Be sure to factor them in as you plan your exterior design/landscaping project.

  • Stair Tread:  48x12x2
  • Wall Caps: Available in 2 sizes
  • Pillar Caps: Available in 2 sizes
  • Steppers

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  • Dimensional Flagstone is cut as square as possible using lasers and diamond blade saws. However, it may not be perfectly square.
  • Minimal bowing may occur in some pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is slate found?

Slate is found in the earth and mined from quarries. Buckingham Slate is specific to Buckingham County, VA, and is one of the highest quality slates on the planet.

Is slate rock good for landscaping?

Buckingham Slate’s durability makes it a perfect choice for landscaping projects. Buckingham Slate boulders, slate chippings, and other slate products are commonly used in commercial and residential landscaping specifically because they last for a very, very long time.

Is slate rock waterproof?

Slate is highly water resistant. Due to its extremely low water absorption properties, it is also resistant to frost damage, as water is unable to sufficiently penetrate the surface and subsequently freeze. Buckingham Slate is particularly exceptional on this front, with a less-than-1% water absorption rate, which is significantly less than any other slate.

How long does slate rock last?

Slate boulders and other slate products last an extremely long amount of time. Slate’s high durability gives it a lifespan that is rarely shortened by anything beyond intentional destruction. Buckingham Slate is known to have a lifespan of over 150 years.

Is flagstone slate?

Flagstone and slate appear mostly the same, but there are differences. Flagstone is a sedimentary/metamorphic rock that’s split into flat pieces that are then used in walkways, patios, walls, and other exterior areas. The confusion is that slate is technically a flagstone, but where it differs is that it’s the extremely hardened version of shale.

How can I clean slate flagstones?

A simple soapy mixture is all you need to clean slate flagstone. Don’t be too abrasive when scrubbing, though, or else you may damage the pieces. Once cleaned, spray down the stones to remove any residue.

How do you lay slate flagstones?

In a very simplified explanation, laying slate flagstone will involve the following: First, create a plan for your walkway or outdoor space (and check everything twice). Second, mark the area and excavate a few inches from the top yard’s top layer. Third, refine the edge of the area and compact the soil. Fourth, apply and compact gravel to the area and then add a sand layer. Fifth, lay and level the slate flagstone to your specifications and creativity. Finally, fill in gaps and allow everything to settle. There’s certainly more to it when taking on a larger project, but this covers the basics.

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